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The need of a firm structure for a strong and long lasting 
building cannot be debated upon. Similarly, for the kids to have a stable and 
successful youth there is a need of a childhood which has been well shaped and 
polished by a good institution like a play school, which provides the basic 
foundation for a happy and healthy child.

Most play schools end up focusing more on only one aspect of 
a child’s development and thus not helping in a holistic growth of the child. A 
play school which proves to be different than others is The Small Wonder Play 
School, as it stays true to both ‘play’ and ‘school’ and in fact does equal 
justice to both simultaneously. They believe in unconventional ways of learning 
and make maximum efforts for the benefit of the children. They believe in not 
teaching, but guiding the children to discover their full potential. They 
provide the necessary stimuli to children to unfurl their wings by inducing 
creativity and letting the kids learn by doing.

The Small Wonder Play School has been in existence for the 
last 16 years and has believed in imparting quality education since the start. 
It has a highly experienced staff which has been with the school since the time 
that it has been founded. It has a strong alumni base of over 2000 students and 
an innovative curriculum that incites interactive and fun learning. Children 
are admitted from the age of 2 years to ensure a firm foundation for a good 

With a 1:10 teacher- student ratio to ensure that every 
student gets personal attention, The Small Wonder School provides many 
facilities such as 24 hour CCTV surveillance to ensure the safety of the 
children. There are state of the art teaching aids and bright and colourful 
infrastructure which is tailor made for the kids. With the help of 
unconventional teaching methods, emphasis on creativity and audio visual aids 
like computers and television,  Small 
Wonder Play School provides an ideal environment for a child to develop in. it 
not only provides age appropriate education to the children but also gives then 
ample ways of having fun and expressing their creative side.

The school has a play pan with swings; see saw, slides and 
other things like jungle gym, Legos, ball pool and an in house splash pool. It 
allows students to participate in activities like ‘paint the wall’ and ‘messy 
day’ to let them have a dash of fun. Yearlong activities are planned by the 
staff to keep the students involved and on their toes. 

Students here are taught not just about the set curriculum 
but are also encouraged and taught about the various moral values and 
traditions and culture of our country.  
Through various activities and events organized in school students are 
taught about the importance of values like sharing and caring for each other 
and also know more of the various festivals and days celebrated around the 
country.The founder of the school, Mrs. Veenu Sachdeva has been in 
the field of education for many years and firmly believes that children are not 
possessions but possessors of great talent and limitless opportunities and all 
that is needed is to provide them with a platform to express themselves and 
showcase all that they can achieve. She believes in giving the children a 
healthy and appropriate place to the children to help them blossom into 
wonderful human beings. The school believes in respecting the children, who are 
the future and will soon lead and be the driving force of changes in every 
aspect of life. The Small Wonder School believes in helping children become 
well rounded personalities filled with confidence and enthusiasm for the 




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